First time Mum and Pregnancy week 12: How would you feel?

Congratulations on Week 12 – You are approaching your second trimester! I would like to appreciate how far you have come and how brave you have went through the emotion cycle, perhaps anxiety or the unknown if your baby is safe to keep or not until check ups by week 12.

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As a first time mum, there would be a lot of confusions of how and what you should be feeling. Hence here is a list of discomforts you might be facing (just like me) when you are on Week 12 Pregnancy.

Things you would experience during Week 12’s pregnancy

  • Bloating – especially on my thighs
  • Weight Increase, probably you would start gaining a pound that you cannot shake off, or thicker chunk
  • Constipation
  • Lost of appetite to meat
  • Increasing craving to sugary-carbs food
  • Mood Swing
  • Easily feeling stress and temper
  • Fatigue – like sleeping for 9 hours or more
  • Skin changes – if you carry a baby girl, your skin could be benefited by the increasing estrogen!

Both pictures are from Week 12 (Left) and Week 10 (Right), I have started to gain a few pounds that I cannot shake off since Week 12. My chunk has increasing size comparing to my previous shape.
Not the most photogenic food ever, but there are a few types of nutrient packed vegan food great to nurture mum-to-be! When I cannot take huge meat, I usually replace with tofu, pumpkin, green vegetables and all types of beans.

First time pregnancy could be though especially coming to mood swing. The earlier you understand the possible scenario, the better you could foresee some potential conflicts happen and mindfully avoiding them. Communication, calmly, about your stress and anxiety to another half is no doubt the best solution. Feeling your emotion being address is psychologically one way to soothe your nerves and feeling supported.

However given all of the above, pregnancy do not restrict my

  • Regular daily life – commuting, housework
  • Working efficiency
  • Working out frequency – just yet! However it does make me feel my workout intensity has to vastly cut
  • Walking and running
  • Regular social life – seeing friends and family
My sincere advice is working out is never easy, it takes certain motivation to keep the routine, never give up on staying active for you and your baby’s good.

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey. Although it would never be easy, bumps would come up, it is a life journey that the mighty lord giving to us. Imagine you are nurturing a new life inside you that could grow up with infinite possibility like yourself now, he or she could turn into your biggest joy in life.

Moreover, I also hope it’s safe to say, these 10 months could be one of the last chances that you and your husband having 2-people romantic life, do not let it go waste because of hormone! Enjoy the romantic time and cherish every moment cause we are born to love one another.

By Courtney

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