Married, working through pregnancy. New Life Ahead!

Amid the storm of crazy covid situations in Hong Kong over the past year, I went through finding the love of my life, we lived together in 3 months, then proposed, plan for next steps in our life. The moment I thought leaving Hong Kong and moving to London is the major decision I’ve made over 30 years – another excitement comes along. I am PREGNANNNT!

We are engaged! on 12 February, 2022

This is an extreme surprise to the both of us. For a long time my body suffers from irregular menstrual cycle, skipping or having cycle over 40 days you name it. I thought for my body type it could certainly be the least possible thing to happen, and yet it happens. (Thank God it happens)

The whole reason for starting this blog is to record every bits and pieces in life that comes along in coming years. Not only facing pregnancy for the first time, I am also going to start a new life in UK.

For all the time I have been devoting myself solely and fully to career, I thought my life is building around it. One of my old motto was, “Treat your excel well, build your career, they are the only thing that won’t fail you.”

Recording pregnancy day 67, week 9. Weight 49.9KG

Things change since I met him over a hike last year. We quickly meeting each other often, having countless discussion over life Vision, Mission and Dreams. We read books together, and sharing of our thoughts.

In this blog, it would be about everything around being a housewife, cooking, pregnancy and how I feel… I cannot wait to see how things are turning out by end of 2022 already!

By Courtney

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