Maternity Portrait Experience in Hong Kong

I especially like this one since the focus has became our anticipation to our coming newborn!

As a personal preference, I have always fancy taking Maternity Portrait even more than wedding photos. Maternity Portrait is only looking good at weeks after 28-30 as your bump would become bigger and visible, however what comes with it is my bloating face and body which could discount the whole experience (haha). Yet I still do think this is a good journey to record, especially when you are giving birth the first time!

10 months slipping through your finger like a blink of eye. This time my husband has chosen Yours Memory for me! The booking is smooth and sweet within a week, and they charged about $3,500HKD for 2 hours shooting, in comparison to other Maternity Photoshoot in Hong Kong, this could be counted as in good budget.

Clothing, makeup and hair are all included in the shoot. The whole experience was very fair especially when Kristen our photographer give very good guideline on how to pose and where to look in details. She also got the femininity aesthetic to make ordinary people like myself to pose at least a better posture!

One of my favorite simple style

Tips for taking Maternity Photos

  1. Often, maternity portraits are focusing on the new mums, do invite your husband to join actively!
  2. Remember to bring along memorable items about the baby, such as first ever Ultrasound photo, the little socks you might have prepared for her already.
  3. Bringing black and white underwear is always a good fit to compliment the dressings at Studio, Nude bra (!!) especially.
  4. Ask your photographer if they can transfer all unedited pictures to you on USB, so instead of taking 2 months wait, you could edit your own pictures at once!
Often, maternity portraits are focusing on the new mums, do invite your husband to join actively!

Overall we have changed about 3 clothes and total 6 backgrounds! Including one shot on nude which I won’t be sharing here just yet…. maybe I would someday! If you have any questions about the experience of Maternity Portraits, feel free commenting down below 🙂

By Courtney

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