UK Exploration 2022: Kent (General comments regarding AirBnb, property and overall tourist remarks)

Starting from summer 2022, me and my husband has started a touring around London and Manchester to find out where in U.K we like the best. Within period of approximately 25 days, we will travel round Kent, Horsham, Brighton, Reading, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Cambridge and Manchester. After each place we visited, I would like record a general small remarks regarding their people, culture we experienced, property and our AirBnb Experience. Everything we experience are highly personal and we are coming from Hong Kong, so culturally here are what I think … 🙂

Our journey starts with Kent…

Gravesend, Kent (2 out of 5)
It’s named as one of the worse places to live in while we did not know during booking our AirBnB. They have a small high-street consist of all daily necessities required. However when we seek dinner after 6pm, we notice there are quite a number of police escort around high street and asking youngsters passing-by questions. It could be a single incident, but generally did not leave us a good impression. Also we tried to view some rental property in Gravesend (how amazing now thinking back), 3-4 beds ranged around 1,200 to 1,400 pcm, while the housing conditions are not up to our expectations.. we found one house having 2 tilted long stairs.

Royal Tunbridge Wells (4.5 out of 5)
Completely upside down when comparing to Gravesend. Amazing AirBnb experience to start with! The host is obviously living at the Bnb with everything like oil, salt and cooking utensils we need. If you are interested in the AirBnb please click link here. Wide and long high street with very modern stores such as House of Frasers, Primark and Boots. Also Pandora could reflect the good living standard of the place! Roger had great experience of a steakhouse named Coco in Royal Tunbridge Wells.
Property in RTW is generally huge, I mean they look like a castle! Most of them are divided into flats with 2-3 bedrooms within one property.
We visited the Dunorlan Park one whole morning and experienced the rich history of this city! Historic statutes and trees over 300 years are able to find in this place.

Sevenokes (4 out of 5)
Great ambience! We only stayed for one morning here and already experienced the good people vibe on this town. People are friendly between each other and it feels like they always bump into some neighbor and friends. Among Sevenokes and RTW, Sevenokes appears to be more modern, yet the high street is relatively smaller.

Maidstone (3.5 out of 5)
I fancy really historic and natural scenery. This seems to be something more to find from Sevenokes and RTW when comparing to Maidstone. However this place is still a very fair location with good deals of property to rent around 1,300 to 1,600pcm for 3 bedrooms.
The people in Maidstone are hip, fashionable and apparently trendy. In their high street you are able to find lots of UK high end brands! However the feeling of hipster in Maidstone could be concluded as “Mongkok style” as in Hong Kong’s language.

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