Silver linings and Challenges

My grandfather has a very very intense temper. When things go right, he would complain issues on the side. When things doesn’t go right, he point his fingers to others.

As my parents had been a pair of very traditional and simple “Chinese custom” followers, the infusion of Confucius model is inside their blood. They feel obligated to tolerate, even suffocated, in my grandfathers’ temper whenever and whatever it takes.

Just when I thought peace and calmness have reached my family far long ago, where we understand each other and days would just go smooth. I got a call with rage voice from my sister saying grandfather is making a scene again.

I would spare the details afterwards, in sum, it’s solved in a modern way.

I remember so vividly a preach from church, God did not create us to face no challenge. Rather, God created us and embed us with the capacity to learn, and rise above the challenges. Instead of wising there would be be no challenges in future, like how I fantasize “calm and peace” are filled ever after, we could change our mindset to embrace the ever changing world, while knowing only you could change the perspective for seeing a better version in the situation.

Always look for the learnings and silver linings in the situation. In this time, what I have learnt is maybe 1. instabilities rising is a way for me and my family gather and solve one problem together,
2. it’s a very gentle reminder for us to understand when you love, it’s regardless of age,
3. temper is easy, but the devastated results comes along is affecting one person himself than others
4. only gentle and peace could rise to all bad tempers.

I was trying to collect the laundry after the exhausting calls, then see the sky and stunned. Touched, feeling this is the way that God gently comforting us.

Side note: I’d like to put “silver linings” before “challenges”, because it gives me a sense of optimism.

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