Wedding Dresses in Hong Kong – The A-line Wedding Dresses and reasons I am choosing it

I got married by 8th May, 2022.

It feels like a whole new world to me with the name Mrs. Hui, it has a mix feeling of how exciting life would be coming ahead, vs. would I be able to do a good job being a wife, a mother-to-be, a good family member still to my parents and a good employee.

Wedding planning has been a period of emotional escape for me, because we can have our full focus on the details and logistics for everything and everyone. The whole wedding planning journey was seemingly afar at the beginning, and yet time flies with all the choosing of dresses, picking of makeup artist and photographer, the day had suddenly arrived.

I am never a big fan for fancy or huge wedding ceremony. To me I have always been dreaming of having nice family gatherings between me and my husband’s, so we could bond with some quality time. Hence when it comes to the rundown of wedding, I was having a honest discussion with my husband-to-be on the way I think, and thankfully we shared the same mindset.

Even though, however, the size of our wedding is relatively small and rundown trimmed, it doesn’t seem to me the planning in between has anything lessen! Basic routines such as dresses trial marathon, venue selection and manpower arrangement has taken us quite a few weekends to plan.

In this blog I’d like to talk about my wedding dress, how did I confirm my final dress and what are the do and don’ts from my perspective!

My final wedding dress was one with so much ruffles and sleek design above. For the back it’s a deep V shape design which elevates the slender look – highly recommending if this is what you decide!

Why should you choose a ruffle wedding dress?

  • Being Whoah in pictures
    Ruffles could create an explosive effect in pictures, the more fabric the merrier in photos!
  • Amazing for all body size and shapes
    Generally speaking an A-line dress is perfect for everyone. it hides our legs shape if we aren’t looking like the Victoria Secret Models, also uplift the shape of your upper body!
  • Classic
    A-line dresses have been a fashion trend for over decades. Honestly since I was young I have been seeing this cutting from showgirls to princess wearing. It is a piece that will not go old-fashions! Even if you flip through the photo album after 20 years, I am sure the style is still trendy.
  • Good for up-do hair style
    Since we are creating a heavier bottom visually, it would be perfect if you pair with a sleek clean up-do hair.
The Audrey Hair Style up-do

Other than simply stating the benefits of an A-line dress, here are other four options I have tried but didn’t vote for. Here are some reasons why

  • Too tight. For the second option, although it’s beautifully designed, yet we should always factor in Wedding mostly involved catering session. To keep ourselves picturesque even after eating would be particularly hard.
  • Showing too much skin. Deep V on showing almost everything of my chest and back is a slight no go, since I would have quite a number of older generations coming to the ceremony, it might perhaps be better to show less skin.
  • Waist line is too low. Perhaps this wouldn’t be an issue for most of the brides, but since for my case I am pregnant with 5 months already by the time I have my wedding, a lower waist line means it would be easier for me to show my bump.

I hope the above few diary references and comments on how to pick a wedding dress and why I am picking my dress is able to give you some insight on Wedding Dresses! Let me know or comment how would you think of your dream dress!

By Courtney

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