Pregnancy Wear on First Trimester

From Week 8 to Week 15 Pregnancy wear changes

I am currently on Week 15, my usual weight is 49.5 KG before pregnancy and now I am fluctuating between 50.5KG to 51KG depending on how much carbs or sugar cravings I have. My tummy is beginning to show so I found my usual work dresses are going to be too tight very soon.

To me I thought pregnancy dresses are usually bored without style. It looks like my thinking has became old school. After exploring a few options online from Taobao I notice there are actually quite a few good options we can explore!

Where to buy pregnancy dresses in Hong Kong?

All my purchase are coming from Taobao. For those who doesn’t know this platform, it is similar to Alibaba and AliExpress for you to shop online with almost everything. The pros for this platform is they are very good at pricing and style, while the delivery could take awhile since they are shipping out from China. Also sometimes we do suffer from picture vs. reality differences, so viewing the comments and rating of the store becomes vital.

What would I consider when I purchase pregnancy dresses?

I understand everyone has different thoughts when it comes to pregnancy fashion. For me I take a few criteria into consideration. What is suitable for me might not be suitable for others, hence this is only comments from my opinions

  • Keeping young vibe and style
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Lightweight materials
  • I usually prefer dresses over pants as dresses could show our curves
  • Vibrant colours other than black and white options

I can’t wait to show you my very first good buy this time! …

Purchase link:

The reason I love this pregnancy dress is because

  • It is an A-line dress, it elevates your body shape with very trimmed shoulder and slender legs
  • Covering early pregnancy tummy (very well!)
  • Loose and breathable materials
  • Pockets on two sides!
  • The material is cotton and very lightweight
  • I especially love the V shape neckline cos it makes the whole look very chic!
Purchase link:

The whole reason I picked this dress is because it has a little detail around your tum. Hence when you are having early bump it can still perfectly hide it well!

  • Long dresses can hide your thighs which sometimes would go bloated during pregnancy
  • Details around waist to hide your bump
  • choosing light colour dresses would make you look more energetic and younger
  • V-shape neckline can elevate your look to be more chic
  • The sleeves are very skinny cutting to show the lines of your arms
  • Overall giving a fashionable non-pregnancy young look
Purchase link:

Okay girls.. this is a serious personal choice. Before pregnancy, I have been wearing a lot of sleeveless dress to work and everywhere. It shows the feminine side of woman’s body shape. Yet while bump shows, I guess there are better options than these sleeveless dresses and out of all options I have, this one is still good at hiding my bump overall.

  • Choosing darker colour dresses can visually make you look slender
  • Dresses with decorations on can give a less focus on the bump look in general
  • Usually during first and approaching second trimester, our limbs are still able to maintain as before pregnancy

I hope today would be able to show you a few looks of my choice! If you also have other recommendations, please feel free to let me know! Comment and let me join the amazing journey with you during pregnancy 🙂

by Courtney

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  1. You look amazing! Congratulations on your new baby, Courtney! 💖🌺🌷


    1. Thankyou Cherie! You made my day 🙂

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      1. You’re most welcome, Courtney! 💖🤗🦋🌺🤗


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