3 Healthy Morning Routines for pregnancy

Photos by Courtney Koon, Upper: Avocado Berries Bowl, Lower left: Apple Dragon Fruit Salad, Lower right: Banana Oats cupcakes

In your first trimester, your body gets to do a lot of work for creating your baby! Do you know because all the great creation happening inside you, and thus even if you did not physically move around, you would still feel a lot.

What are the usual symptoms during first trimester?

  • Fatigue (personally speaking I have tremendous amount of fatigue)
  • Headache
  • Losing appetite in meat or heavy smell food such as curry or fried food
  • Bloating or more gas due to increasing of Progestogen
  • Lower mood and energy
  • Morning Nausea

I have particularly ranked the above from the most serious I have personally experienced to less experienced. While situations or symptoms differs between different mum-to-be, some of my friends had morning nausea about Week 5, while my other friends might have huge appetite for food. Thus understanding your own body reactions to pregnancy could help you mentally prepare for a better pregnancy journey.

So, if our body has experience these various fluctuation, what could we do to keep a healthy habit and up our mood? Here are 3 things I do during my 1st trimester to help me cease my fatigue and boost mood!

Tip #1 Always start with 15 minutes yoga stretching or work out

My morning yoga practice during Week 4 to 8

While it is getting harder to be active when your pregnancy week grows, building a morning workout habit could be a good mood booster. I usually go for a short yoga stretching or simple asanas which would not drain myself too much of energy. If you are new to this arena, don’t worry! All the practice I follow are online in YouTube and FREE. Simply search “15 minutes yoga for beginners” or “Pregnancy Yoga”, YouTube would give you tons of suggestions. For your reference, here are some of my favourite YouTubers that I always follow

1. Coffee Lam
2. Boho Beautiful
3. Pamela Reif
While Pamela is actually focusing on HIIT, there are always some slow moving workout we can choose from. Or we are able to perform the HIIT work out but with your own variation depending on your situation. Most importantly is to know your limit!

Tip #2 Fuel your body right with a colourful healthy breakfast

All my pregnancy breakfast… it’s not the prefect one but I am always delighted seeing the colours!

A homemade, fresh and healthy breakfast like fruit smoothie, colour fruit bowl is my definite go to. I couldn’t be thankful enough to have a blender at home that helps me do all the work! Easy, simple and 5-minutes top on making (okay, what food blogger usually don’t say is the cleansing would took another 10 minutes). You would also like to go for low GI food which makes you feel fulfilling and providing enough nutrients. Trust me, a colour bowl to start your day would make so much different than just gobble up some white breads with chocolate spread!

Low GI and high nutrients pregnancy food you should be eating

I am linking all recipes I have made before in the above, of course there are more options would be available, I wish I can have another blog post writing solely on how I prepare my breakfast next time! Just reading all these recipes again already making me mouth watering 🙂

Tip #3 Meditate, start writing down your plan for the day or reading

Not sure if might be the same for everybody, but reading and meditation really gives me a calming sensation to start the morning or great getaway after working in evening. I would recommend Romantic Short stories like Winters Dream or functional books such as Start With Why by Simon Sinek. It gives us a time to settle down our mind and feeling relieve by learning something new.

Reading could also be visual. Flipping through interior design magazine, or even how to decorate your future baby’s bedroom could be an energetic start.

When it comes to meditation, I sometimes would use Meditation App to help myself getting into zone. Usually I would use

All these apps are guided meditation app or podcast with someone narrating through time. The length of meditation is purely chosen by you ranged from 5 to 20 minutes. If you are new to meditation, it is a way to help you clear up your mind, thinking of nothing and simply feeling presence. In the world where we live in now, there are thousands of thoughts running in our heads daily. Keeping 5-20 minutes of complete blank space to yourself is a gesture to claim your own mind and body with control. It also has a lot of other benefits which I experienced, for more science base benefits of meditation, you can further research and found here.

I hope you will find the above tips useful! This is my way of starting this beautiful pregnancy journey in almost every morning, while sometimes it could be interrupted, but 15-minute stretching is definitely the element I go to most. If you also have good tips of how to start a pregnancy morning, comment down below and let me know!

By Courtney

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